ByO Cosmetics was founded in July 2020 by Irish makeup artist and CEO, Ola Anwo. ByO Cosmetics is a black owned business and we pride ourselves in our luxury and high quality, yet very affordable products. We aim to give every customer an unforgettable, personal experience every single time, creating the best, smoothest  and most efficient shopping experience.
We aim to bring out only the best standard cosmetics for our fellow makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts to enjoy. 
Our CEO, being a makeup artist herself, has vowed that every product she releases matches, if not surpasses the standards of her own favourite makeup brands and will not launch anything below that standard. 
We have a passion for quality makeup products here at ByO Cosmetics and would like to share this with our customers. 
Our brand is committed to consistent improvement and innovation to ensure we deliver the highest quality products. 
With that being said..